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  • T-10 Replacement Boom Program

    Get a leg up on spring with our limited time T-10 replacement boom program.

    • 14’ Class Approved Clear Anodized boom Section - $425
    • Internal Front Goose Neck w Reefing Sheaves and Stainless Tack Fitting - $599
    • Internal Front Goose Neck w Reefing Sheaves, But without Tack Fitting - $499
    • Internal Front Goose Neck w Outhaul sheave only No Stainless Tack fitting - $340
    • Internal Rear Aluminum Outhaul Assembly w Reefing & Outhaul Sheaves - $389
    • Solid Stainless Steel Tack Assembly w Reefing Hooks, includes tack pin - $159
    • Internal Boom Stiffener Sleeve, Including 3/16” Stainless Blind Rivets - $185  

    Other Finishes Such As Powder coat, Epoxy Paint, or Polishing are available, as well as Customized Component Setups, Weld On / Bolt on Components, Vang attachments, Boom Bails, and Eye straps.

    This Program Is offered to any current T-10 Class Member. Item prices are set for Pick Up only @ Premier Rigging’s Shop in Ohio.   Any Other Shipping options will require additional charges.  

    Mast Base Order Form

    Mast Order Form

    Boom Order Form

    Sale Expires April 15th